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Cattle panel across end of run-in shed.    Cut holes in panel for kids area.


Moms eat grain in one area and these babies, wet from snow, have their area.


Quick feeder for weaning.  Tie an old gate between two t-posts, hang split PVC pipe on either side.  Kids can't leap across to either side, but they can eat on either side.


A good fence scratching.                              Love those sweet bottle babies.


LGD checking on stalled bottle baby.         "I'm tired, but he's full of energy."


"She thinks she's tired!  Look at this kid!"        "Give me that bottle back."


"I can't believe they had us born in winter!!"          "I know, but oh, isn't this heat lamp wonderful?!"

Esau's first kids out of half Angora half Boer does.


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