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Have you hugged your kid today?  Welcome to Autumn Farm, home of Lee & Connie Reynolds and a variety of Boers.  We sell percentage, purebred, full blood breeding stock, commercial, and 4-H market wethers here in goat country West Virginia.  My husband, Lee, and I have seriously been raising goats since 1990, but  those red headed chunky Boers from South Africa stole our hearts in '96.  These short, gentle, giants now roam our hills.


***November 26, 2013!  Already!  Time is going by too quickly.  Just a reminder that we are now officially with American Boer Boat Association and all of our goats can be registered. And, soon it will be winter kidding time!  We have around 40 some does due to kid in Jan. and Feb. 2014.  We wean at two months of age and we disbud all goats born on the farm.

The 4-H wethers will be $150.00 each.  Full blood does and bucks (100% Boer) that are red head white bodies (correct/traditional) color will be $300 each.  Any that are red, paints, etc. will be $50 more.  Any correct/traditional color purebred (94%-99.9% Boer) does will be $275 each, and $50 more if they are reds, paints, etc.


**Don't forget to catch my lite goat farming stories, Nanny Berries, at http://www.boergoats.com in the Library section under Nanny Berries.  Over 200 hundred stories written in the last ten years.  Stories about taking goat temperatures to people rolling over the hill, goats give you plenty to write about.  Enjoy!**


Contact Information

You can get in touch with us by emailing or calling any day as long as it's before 9:00 p.m.  Please, no calls after 9:00 p.m. because that 5:00 a.m. morning feeding sure comes early and unlike our goats, we need our beauty sleep!  Email at csreynolds01@yahoo.com  or call and ask for Connie (Connie Reynolds) and we'll talk goat.

Postal address
2177 Meathouse Fork Road
          Ravenswood, WV 26164
Electronic mail
General Information: csreynolds01@yahoo.com
Sales:   csreynolds01@yahoo.com
Customer Support:   csreynolds01@yahoo.com
Webmaster: csreynolds01@yahoo.com



Who is Cannon Ball?  A buck that has won our hearts.


As of 4/8/2008 a new breeding buck has been added to our farm.

Presenting two week old "Cannon Ball" from Southern Belle Farms, TN :

"They say I am going to be a great breeding buck.  What's a breeding buck?"


Cannon Ball as a yearling in his winter clothes.


Yearling Cannon Ball, "Boy, I smell good!"





Here I am telling some 4 mo. old full blood bucks the barn rules.  They never listen.


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